We are Nomada Films

Nomada Films was founded in 2009 by Daniel Diosdado. Since then, they produced several features, shorts films and web series that have been seen and awarded throughout United States, Europe and Latin America. Nomada Films’ first feature, “SESSIoN”, a bold experimental film, directed by Daniel Diosdado, achieved the Award of Excellence at The Indie Fest, La Joya, California. In 2013, Nomada Films premiered Daniel Diosdado’s next feature, “La Reina de Tapas” (Queen of the Bar), at Malaga Film Festival. Between 2014 and 2015 the company released three more short films: “Chromosome 4“, “The Center of the Room” and “For You“.

Who we are

Daniel Diosdado

Filmmaker/Executive Producer website

Vanessa Calderon

Artistic Director/Producer website

Alycia Bhatti

Line Producer

Joy Macko

Public Relations


Ricardo Birnbaum

Director of Photography

Dominick Sivilli

Director of Photography

Roberto Herrador

Sound Designer

Robert Albrecht

Sound Recordist

James Sterling

Visual Effects