The Fabricant Way


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When love of what you do drives your business, and what you create is your business, you should travel The Fabricant Way.

Nothing is impossible for creative entrepreneurs. Follow The Fabricant Way and learn how successful creative entrepreneurs pulled off what seemed impossible to grow a thriving business they love.

Using non-traditional marketing and becoming involved in the community the creative entrepreneur can build a close relationship with customers and suppliers. Your unique perspective of your craft and business helps you create great branding and design to showboat your product.

Inspired by the maker community, Jennifer Dopazo founder of Candelita wants to help you write your own blueprint for your creative business.

Her passion is the unusual, the creative, the new, and the alternative ways you can move your business forward. By interviewing successful creative entrepreneurs she will show you how you can build and market your entrepreneurial masterpiece. You can learn innovative ways to move your business forward doing the thing you love.

Art is the ultimate communication with people, something other businesses struggle to do everyday. They want to reach their customers and readers in an emotional way and it’s here the artistic entrepreneur has the advantage. With a natural talent to create something that affects the way people feel, you instinctively know what works for your customers.

The Fabricant Way brings together creative entrepreneurs, and helps those starting out in creative businesses, to see there’s more than one way to move your art and business forward into growth and success. Get involved in the community and build relationships with other creative entrepreneurs.