For you

“We work in the dark – we do what we can – we give what we have.
Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task.
The rest is the madness of art.”


FOR YOU is an art film depicting the psychological state of overcoming an artistic block through the madness of art. The end product of an artistic experience, art itself, is always presented to the public in its glory. Yet the actual journey that artists go through, filled with both high and low emotional amplitudes, is often absent.
This short film delves into the world of four artistic experiences, depicting the lengths they all go to, just to create their art. The script is based on the poem FOR YOU, and each verse of the poem is enacted by one of the four artist as their artistic experience of creation. Their mental distress and artistic determination is expressed through physical pain. Artists continue to create as the pain level rises. Each artist inherits the pain of the previous one, a symbolism of the collective artistic creation.
Ultimately, the pain born by art will fade away. Artists will fade away too. What we all hope will transcend time and be passed on is the collective experience of art and ART itself.


Daniel Diosdado
Nieves Saah
Lara Bello
Jeta Bejtullahu


Directed by Daniel Diosdado
Written by Jeta Bejtullahu and Daniel Diosdado
Poetry by Jeta Bejtullahu
Cinematography by Jeta Bejtullahu
Edited by Daniel Diosdado
Music by Stephen Brennan
Voice over production by Lola Suárez

by Jeta Bejtullahu

For you
I cut through my palm
with the sharpest knife
in your kingdom
so true pain
doesn’t come hunting me
countless heartbreaks deep.

For you
I hit my stomach
with the heaviest bat on sale
so real food
doesn’t nourish my soul
with your fake generosity.

For you
I spray my eyes
with toxic nerve gas
so weak memory
doesn’t let me forget
where I grew up
and why I was let to live.

For you
I type with one hand
I walk with one leg
I sing with half a jaw
I kiss with one torn lip
I tear, I bleed with one eye
– only.

For you
I click my bones
cracking from a dying love
only boneless I see straight
through the other eye
that’s still bleeding
– but not tearing.

For you – ART
son of a whore
I will carry on