Chromosome 4


    Alicia tries to calm down in the restroom of a police station. They have been questioning her about the disappearance of her 3-year-old son. She swears that she has nothing to do with it, that somebody else took him… Somebody who comes from a different place… from a different planet.


    Anne-Marie Agbodji
    Thea McCartan
    Malachi Brown


    2015 – Festival de Cine de Madrid-PNR
    2015 – Festival de Cine de Pamplona
    2015 – Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Elche
    2015 – Katra Film Festival – New York City, USA
    2015 – Cumbre Tajín – Mexico
    2015 – Euro Film Festival – Best picture – Spain
    2015 – NYC Downtown Short Film Festival Audience Choice Award – New York City, USA
    2015 – NYLA International Film Fest – New York City
    2015 – The Americas Film Festival of New York, USA
    2015 – Nocturna. Madrid International Fantastic Film Fest, Madrid, Spain


Director – Daniel Diosdado
Producer – Klenimber Torres
Executive Producers – Daniel Diosdado and Klenimber Torres
Director of Photography – Dominick Sivilli
First Assistant Director – Guillermo Cabreira
Sound Recording – Eric Perez
Editor – Daniel Diosdado
Production Manager – Joanna Tomasz
Production Designer – Zahira Barneto