El gato sueco

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JUAN ESTABAN CUACCI POWER TANGO TRIO “El gato sueco” Madrid 2012 Directed by Daniel Diosdado


Nomada Films Experimental, Feature films, Fiction

SYNOPSIS The police in two different rooms at the station interrogate Ernesto and Sara, philologists and friends. The reason for all this questioning is that in the last therapy session they were running, one of the patients was attacked and another apparently committed suicide. That particular therapy has to be held in a cabin in the woods with no contact ...

3'30" DK

Nomada Films Dance films, DeMotion Act, Drama, Experimental, Fiction, Short films

SYNOPSISWe give too much credit to the fact that someone watches us. Actress and Choreographer Vanessa Calderon shows the journey that a performer goes through in 3’30” minutes to make the society turn its head in the right direction for a change. The short film directed by Daniel Diosdado is a sharp and furious critic to hypocrisy and praise to ...

The center of the room

Nomada Films Dance films, DeMotion Act, Documentaries, Drama, Experimental, Fiction, Short films

SYNOPSISNómada Films presents a DeMotionAct film in association with Revuelo: Between 1995 and 2000, in an attempt to reduce poverty, more than 300.000 women and 25.000 men were forcibly sterilized in Peru. This DeMotion Act metaphor is dedicated to them… What is DeMotionAct? It’s a artistic communication technic developed by actress and choreographer Vanessa Calderon. DeMotionAct combines dance, acting and ...

¿Dónde queréis vivir esta noche?

Nomada Films Comedy, Fiction, Short films

SYNOPSISA happy married couple and their 9 year old son leave home for work and school. When they come back that very evening, another couple is inside of their house. The new tenants claim to own the property while the happy family says that they are in fact the righteous owners of the place.AWARDS and FESTIVALS17 Festival de Cortometrajes de ...